Saturday, November 23, 2013

Frontier Order!

I got a lot of fun stuff this month in my Frontier order. I had to take a couple of the items out of the picture because they are part of a baby shower gift!

This months order included:

Surf Sweets organic gummy worms and watermelon rings
Simply Organic turkey gravy (2)
Unbleached coffee filters
Aura Cacia reviving shower tablets w/ peppermint essential oil
Aura Cacia Pillow Potion essential oil mist
Aura Cacia First Response essential oil
Xylitol toothpaste for Taelyn
Frontier course sea salt

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hensley: 5 months!

Weight: My little chunky monkey is growing like a weed! I'm sure she has tipped over the 18lb mark and last we measured, she was 25 inches. She seems to grow and change a little every day.

Food: My little lady is such a good nursling. She does like to fidget and feel on things while she is nursing. Sometimes I have to hold her hand to keep her from scratching me! She gets one bottle while I am at work and she does well taking that too. The other day my mom was watching her and put a water glass up to her mouth because she kept grabbing for it. Tae scolded her and told her that Hensley can't have food yet, ha! Again, we are not starting Hensley on anything anytime soon.  You can learn more about skipping the cereal here and baby led weaning here.

Ha! Papa and Hensley...does she look like she is starving!?!
Clothes: She is still fitting in 6 month clothes, but we have rotated in some 9 months and other than long sleeves, they fit really well.

Sleep: Sleep has been a little off ever since the time change. She's been wanting to go to bed super early and then is up at odd hours and wakes up pretty early in the morning. She usually takes two naps during the day. They are anywhere between 30 minutes (yikes) and 2 hours (yah!). She's still in the bassinet and comes to our bed in the middle of the night. We need to start thinking about transitioning her to her crib soon, but we might hold off for another few months.

Movement: Sitting up is our newest addition in our movement category. She is a little wobbly, but does pretty good at steadying herself. She can scoot now too and can move pretty fast if she wants to. The other day she scooted about 3 feet to get to the Kindle :)

Product: I don't think we've gotten anything new this month. She really loves her jumper and has become very interested in toys, especially ones that make noise!

Highlight: Sitting up is a pretty big highlight this month. She also really loves little kids and will just giggle while she's watching them. It's so much fun seeing her become so interactive!

Taelyn: Oh my sweet Tae. Not only is she turning 5, but she is also becoming a great big sister. She is always so loving and kind to Hensley it just melts my heart. I often here her ask Hensley, "what's the matter my love" or "watcha doin' my love"....ah my heart just might explode!

Blessing: I think one of the biggest blessings this month is that Hensley has seemed to finally come to terms with being in her car seat. She doesn't cry nearly as much as she used to and for that I feel blessed. Another sweet blessing this month came when our whole family got a pretty yucky cold. Hensley ended up getting a stuffy nose and that was it! I'm so thankful that my breastmilk is helping her immune system!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Taelyn's 5th Birthday Party

I love planning and putting together birthday parties! I don't like doing popular themed stuff, but as Tae has gotten older, that seems to be what interests her. This year she picked "Littlest Pet Shop" since this is one of her favorite toys. I thought I did a good job of not buying into to all the licensed party decorations, and instead made my own.

My sister helped me make the sign and banner using her fancy cutting machine. Tae also picked out animal print decorations and other items that matched the color choices.

We had goody bags for all the kiddos. We put stickers, organic candy, a wooden toy, and fruit leather in the bags.

My mom did an awesome job on Tae's birthday cake. She asked for an orange flavored cake with a lot of different colored frosting. The cake tasted just as good as it looked!

We had lots of yummy snacks at the party. From fruit and a veggie tray to bunny crackers and salted caramel popcorn. We even had local cheese curds that were delicious! I made these little signs for the food and had Tae's little pets all around.

Hensley was ready to party!

We had Littlest Pet Shop coloring pages out and the craft was to decorate your own pet carrier to take home. All the kiddos enjoyed this. We also played a game similar to musical chairs called Musical Lily Pads. I had three prizes, so we played three times. The kids seemed to have fun, even though some got a little upset when they didn't win. Tae actually won the first game and picked out a set of puppy erasers!

 Taelyn got tons of awesome birthday presents and we enjoyed spending time with our family and friends. I still can't believe my baby is going to be 5 in just a few days. Seems like only yesterday she was that little bitty baby that stole our hearts.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

I am super bummed that I don't have very many pictures of Halloween. My cat knocked my camera off a chair onto our tile floor while we were carving pumpkins and the lens broke :(

I did get some pictures though and the rest I stole from my mom....thanks mom!

 Hensley had a fun time watching us carve our pumpkins. We usually do it outside, but this year it was a little too cold to do that. We laid out a bunch of newspaper and got to work.

Here is Hensley with her pumpkin! Hers was too little to carve, so we bought this nifty sticker kit. I love how she cheeses for the camera now!
This was the last picture my camera took :( I was sad I didn't get any of our pumpkins all carved. They turned out so good.
I had to work a few hours on Halloween night so my mom and dad kept the girls. Hensley took a super long nap which was good. Tae enjoyed watching The Crood's, passing out Halloween candy, and even got to visit with her cousins when they came over to Trick or Treat!
When I got back, I took Tae out trick or treating. Hensley came along in her stroller and she did so good. We probably went to about 15 houses or so and then Tae decided she was done and she had to go potty.

When we got back I looked through her candy and she got to pick out a piece to eat. We do the "switch witch", so she ends up with mommy approved candy/treats the next day. It was a Happy Halloween!