Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Where does the time go?!

I was looking at the calendar the today and counted up how many months until Hensley's 2nd birthday and was shocked that there are only 4 months left! 4! When did that happen? My little baby cannot certainly be almost 2! I can tell everyday that she is growing up. She is talking in small sentences and learning new and fun tricks every day. She is really getting along with her big sister Tae and they play so well together. 

We have been filling our days with school, games, yummy food, and outside time on our beautiful days we've been having. Here are some pictures we've taken along the way.
Hensley loves to be involved in all things. Here she is trying to play one of Tae's games, ha!
I was happy to add to my "crunchy" decals recently. Check out the info on extended rear facing if you're interested!
Here is a recent Frontier order. I love being able to order the majority of our household goods online and at a great price!
We took the girls to a local pizza restaurant and they give the kids dough to play with. It's a great thing to keep them entertained while waiting for the food.
Playing at the park.

We made bird seed pine cones for the bounty of birds we have in our yard!
Tae loves when she gets mail from her cousins :)
I captured some of their sweet cuddles <3
We took another warm day to enjoy the zoo. That's the great thing about having a zoo pass. We can go as often as we want. The girls love it!

This was the first time that Tae was brave enough to hold one of the birds herself. She did great!
Picnic with my girls. 

Snacks outside on an 80 degree day in January!
These girls are always up to something....
One of our Valentine crafts we made. It took a lot of effort, but turned out so cute!
They had fun popping some poppers one night before dinner.
Mmm....yum! One of our recent vegan meals. Coconut lime rice with cilantro. Topped with seasoned black beans and cinnamon and turmeric roasted butternut squash and red onions. 
The girls liked making a fort in the living room!
Tae's been drawing a picture and then writing a sentence about it with minimal help from me. She's been increasingly getting better and better! This one says "There's a crab in a shell.".