Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My hubby's birthday and Hensley is 22 months!

Oh sweet Hensley! How can you almost be 2? You are not a baby anymore, you are such a big girl! Some of her favorite things to do are to paint, color, and draw with chalk. She loves playing outside, especially in her water table. She knows all her colors and loves picking out her diapers, spoon, plate, etc. by the color of them. She is learning to count and is currently saying "1, 2, 5, 6" and does this when she is counting things. We are working on that :) She is wearing some 2T still, but 3T fits her good. She has lost a lot of her baby chub and has slimmed down quite a bit. Her absolute favorite thing to eat is chocolate, but she also loves smoothies, cheese, eggs, and anything with a dip. She talks so well and in complete sentences it still amazes me. She is consistently saying "I lost....I can't find it" whenever she can't find or see something she wants and then says "Oh I find it" or another favorite is "Stop it Sissy". Her favorite things to watch is Peppa Pig and the nursery rhyme shows on YouTube. She is such a sweet little girl and always says "phorry" (sorry), "pease" (please), and "tank you" (thank you). She looks up to her sissy and her cousin Bella and looks forward to when all the cousins get together.

 We had Bella and Jack over for a play date and we ate lunch outside. I thought it was funny that they sat in a circle and Hensley was outside the circle. Ha!

 When we had cousin Mavy over to play we drew a huge train track and they all had fun driving the trains and trucks on the track.
 For daddy's birthday we took the girls down to the Myriad gardens to watch the high flying disc dogs perform. Their flowers are so beautiful!
 These sweet little souls have stolen my heart. My life is so full and complete with them.
 We made daddy chocolate chip brownies for his birthday. He turned 35, but we had to improvise on the candles :) The girls got to hang out with Gramma and Papa while Aaron and I went out to dinner. We had a great time!
 The other day they found this pig nose from the fair in Tae's room and they had a blast pretending they were both Peppa Pig :)

 We have been loving our weekly trips to the zoo and our picnic lunches. It seems we see the animals do different things every time we go.

 They opened up their water feature in the Children's zoo area and the girls love splashing around.
 Hensley got to feed the giraffe! She fed him 2 lettuce leaves and then decided she wanted mommy to do it. I think she was scared of the long black tongue! Tae took this picture. She did not want to feed them!
 We got to see the new baby gorilla! She was so cute and the momma was being so sweet.
 There use to be this huge wooden fence around where the turtles and flamingos were and they recently took it down and replaced it with this short black fence. I love being able to see in there and get up close to the flamingos!

Easter 2015

We had such a fun time celebrating Easter this year. The week before Easter Tae and I did a lesson focusing on the Christian reason for celebrating Easter and finished up the week with some good service projects for Good Friday. We made cards for our military members and bracelets for mission trips to Honduras. 
 Leading up to Easter we met up with Aaron's mom at a lake for a picnic lunch and Easter egg hunt. It was a beautiful day and we had a yummy lunch from Whole Foods. The girls also got spoiled with Easter baskets!
 The girls enjoyed looking for seashells on the beach. I thought they looked so sweet holding hands.
 Hensley knew exactly what to do and had fun searching for eggs. Tae left all the easy ones for Hensley to find. She is such a good big sister!

 The goodies!

 Daddy giving Hensley a piggy back ride while we walked around the lake looking for ducks!
 We dyed Easter eggs a few days before Easter. The girls had a lot of fun. I'm glad I decided to do it outside, because they made quite the mess with the dye.

 We don't do a lot of focus on the Easter bunny. We don't necessarily say that it is fake, but we don't really talk about it much at all. These are the things I put in their plastic Easter eggs for their hunt on Sunday morning. I got the stickers, stretchy bunnies, and erasers in the Target $ bins. I also added in some chocolate coins and organic jelly beans.
 Here is their Easter basket goodies. Again, most things came from the $ bins at Target. I added in some organic peanut butter cups, Annie's crackers, and sour beans for a special treat.

 The girls had fun digging through their baskets and of course, eating some candy. I love making these special memories with them. Holiday's were something that I always looked forward to growing up and I have such fond memories of them. I love that we are having these traditions with the girls and they will have all these fun memories to carry on with their own children!

 All dressed and ready to head to Gramma and Papa's for Easter dinner with the family. It was a bittersweet time as one of my sister's and her family are moving to Germany in a few weeks. We are soaking in the time we have with them!
I LOVE Target clearance!!! Check out this cute Easter wreath I got for $1.99! It was 90% off and the last one they had. I was so excited!