Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring has Sprung!

We've been enjoying some nice weather here lately! It seems we didn't actually have a winter. No snow and not very many cold days. It makes me a little scared of the summer to come. We went to the Myriad Gardens a couple weeks back and enjoyed all the spring blooms.

 My silly girls! 

 The girls' candy free Easter baskets. I was really happy I only spend $30 to fill both of their baskets!
 I bought some German Easter chocolates from Aldi's and that's what we hid in Easter eggs. The girls had a blast hunting for eggs and found them all in no time.
 Love my family!
 Aaron took a 4 day weekend for his birthday. We went to the zoo and went to dinner. It was a great weekend!
 We went by the new house to check on some repairs. The girls had fun playing in the back yard and sitting by the pool. They are ready to be swimming!
 Tae and our sweet Kona. He's such a sweet lovable kitty.
This is what it looks like in our house currently! Boxes everywhere! We were supposed to close this week, but there was a delay, so it looks like the beginning of next week. We wont move until the end of the month, so we still have some time to get the rest of our stuff packed. I'm so ready to live without the hectic mess!

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