Thursday, December 26, 2013

Frontier Order!

My order was fairly small this month. I didn't need or order as much as I normally do. This month I got:

Ecover dishwasher powder
Ecos laundry soap
Burt's Bees Calming baby lotion
Yummy Earth organic suckers (for Tae) and organic vitamin C drops (hubby loves these things)
Frontier "Mama Garlic" organic seasoning (smells delicious and can't wait to use it!)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Pictures!

I have to brag a little about my friend Cassie. I've known her for about 2 years now and she is such a sweet and caring person. She is also great at taking photos. The pictures on my blog are ones that she took and we just recently had some Christmas pictures taken of the girls with her. Her prices are totally reasonable and she is great with kiddos and pretty quick at taking memorable pictures. If you live in the Oklahoma City metro area, you should definitely check her out. You can find CD Photography on Facebook or on her website here.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hensley: 6 months!

Weight: I think we have to be close to 20lbs by now! It's hard to get an accurate weight on her because we just have a regular scale. She is still a short little muffin though.

Food: Obviously she is having no problems growing on mommy's milk! She seems to be acquiring the food readiness cues. She is able to sit unassisted and she has a killer pincer grasp. I think she may be losing her tongue thrust reflex and she is becoming a little more interested in what we are eating/drinking. I'm not ready to rush it though. I want to make sure that her tummy is good and developed and capable of handling table foods. Maybe in a month or so we will put a few dices of avocado in front of her to see what she does, but right now she is growing just fine without anything other than breast milk!

Clothes: 6 month clothes are getting a little tight! 9 months fit her pretty good and she is fitting into some 12 month clothes (gah!). I just can't believe how big she is. Tae always wore exactly what her age was. She was in 12 month clothes AT 12 months. Hensley's closet consists of 6, 9, 12, and even 18 month clothes and she is only 6 months old!

 Sleep: We have been having a few hiccups in our sleeping since last month. Her naps are pretty much the same. Usually 2-3 naps during the day. Two short naps (about an hour long) and then a longer nap in the evening (maybe 2 hours). At night she has been going to sleep easily as she always has, but she has only been sleeping in her bassinet for about an hour before waking up. I then nurse her back to sleep and she stays in the bed with us. I *think* she nurses 2-3 times during the night. I say *think* because we dream feed and I never fully awake. I'm not too upset about it since I'm still getting just as much sleep, but I don't want her to become accustomed to our bed. We just moved the crib into our room and moved out the bassinet. We will see how well she sleeps now that she has a little more room!

Movement: She is sitting up so well! She hasn't toppled over hardly at all. Sometimes she will kind of do this leaning thing until she rolls onto her side, but I think she does this when she is tired of sitting up. She doesn't seem to have any interest in crawling. She can roll anywhere she wants to go and most of the time she is just content sitting in one place as long as she has some toys around her.

Product: Hensley has been taking a bottle in the morning while I'm at work for about 3 months now. Tae never took a bottle and she fought us when we tried. Hensley seems to enjoy her bottle with her daddy and even tends to fall asleep during her feeding. We only have one kind of bottle, we actually only have 2 of them since she doesn't get a whole lot of bottle feedings. You can find them here. They are glass bottles that are natural flow. I really like them and Hensley does too!

Highlight: She is learning all sorts of different noises. She has learned to complain, whine, giggle, and babble. She sounds like she says "mama" a lot, but I'm sure it's just baby talk. We have taught her to sign milk (or what we call "milky"). She does it randomly and does it a lot when she sees me, haha. I guess that's why she loves me so much, I am the milk!

Taelyn: Tae is continuing to do great with being a big sister. She is learning patience and even tolerates when Hensley grabs a big chunk of her hair. She likes to "watch over" Hensley while I'm going to the bathroom or loading the dishes. She loves to be my helper and get me the things that I need.

Blessing: These two girls bring so much joy to my life and to everyone else's. I worried so much about how far apart they were and even just having another child to begin with. I don't know why I wasted so much time worrying over nothing. God has definitely shown me to have faith in His plan. I am so happy to have Taelyn and Hensley in my life, they make me complete.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Wrapping up November!

We've had some warmer days this fall and we spent some quality family time down at Lake Texoma. My husband has been going down to his family's lake house since he was a kid and he has some great memories there. We recently acquired the property and are currently working on fixing the place up (thanks mom and dad!)

Tae got a cool necklace making kit for her birthday. She's been having fun making necklaces for all her friends and family.

Tae has been having a lot of fun putting her Christmas list together this year. Here she is going through a toy magazine. I think she pointed out everything on every page! Hensley was picking out her own things as well.

We had such a good Thanksgiving. We got to have a yummy feast cooked by my mom. We also had a great time visiting with family. My little Hensley has become quite the picture poser. She gets so excited when I get the camera out. She is definitely following in the footsteps of her sister!

Like I mentioned above, Taelyn sure loves to pose and show off. She had a lot of fun on Thanksgiving as well. She always has loads of fun playing with her cousins.

Check out my moms pretty table set up. We had a lot of people there (24 I think). There is a kids table in the corner. Hensley had fun playing on a carpet while we ate.

Look at all these desserts! My mom truly out did herself like she does every year. She made pecan pie, pumpkin pie, caramel apple pie, pumpkin bread, and gluten free brownies. Everything was delicious as always.

We finished off November by going to a hockey game. It was Tae's first time to see a hockey game and she was super excited. They were handing out these silly sticky mustaches and all the cousins had fun wearing them. Hensley slept in the carrier for about half the game. The other half she laughed and played in my lap.
We are so looking forward to December and all the fun memories we will be creating. Miss Hensley turns 6 months, we will be having my niece and nephew for almost a week, my moms annual Christmas cookie exchange is coming up, and of course Christmas!