Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hensley: 7 months!

Hensley with the onesie she wore home from the hospital
Weight: At her last check-up, she weighed 20.8lbs and was 26 inches long. She is in the 92% for her weight and 40% for her height. I can't believe how much she has grown!

Food: Hensley has had her first "bites" of food. So far she has tasted banana, avocado, carrots, and egg yolk. She seems to be really interested in eating and now gets really excited if she sees us eating and even starts jumping up and down if she sees a banana. She is still nursing really good and of course still gets ALL of her nutrients from breast milk.
Clothes: She is mainly in 9 month clothes. There are a few 6 month pieces that fit her though. Her cloth diapers make a big difference and she fits really well into 12 month pants. We are taking a vacation soon and she will be in disposables. It's going to be weird seeing her without all that extra padding!

Sleep: We are still mainly co-sleeping. Once or twice a week I can get her to sleep in her crib up until her first feeding, but other than that, she wakes up if I try to lay her in her crib. I don't really mind her sleeping with us, I just don't want it to be a forever thing! She is down to two feedings during the night and even sometimes just one. She usually takes two naps during the day, sometimes 3 if one is short.
We'll be crawling in no time!
Movement: Oh boy! This month we have become very mobile! Hensley can now sit up totally unassisted. She can roll from belly to back and vice versa. She can go from sitting to the crawling position or from sitting to laying down. She loves to pull up. Her favorite is to pull up onto her knees to pull things off the coffee table. She has started rocking back and forth on her hands and knees and has even taken 2-3 crawls forward at a time. She can definitely get to where she wants to go!
She sits up all by herself in the bathtub now!
Product: We got so many great things for Christmas. She got a sit to stand walker, activity table, and a whole bunch of other things that she has been enjoying playing with. Tae also loves to play with Hensley's toys and is usually pretty good at keeping Hensley entertained for awhile!

Highlight: I think the biggest highlight for this month is her mobility. She is also learning new sounds and loves to blow raspberries. She is growing and changing so much, it seems like there is something new every day!
Friends forever!
Taelyn: Tae seems to have a lot of patience with her sister. She really loves to play with her and will try to distract her if she gets upset even without me saying anything. When we are in the car, Tae will sing to her if she starts getting fussy. Hensley just adores her big sister and I'm so excited to see how their relationship blossoms as they get older.

Blessing: We are so excited to be taking our first "real" family vacation. Tae has only ever been to Texas. We can't wait to spend time as a family together and create great memories. Look forward to a blog post on our return!
Checking out sisters tricycle