Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

We had such a wonderful Christmas. I always get a little sad when it's over. I actually think I like the build up to Christmas, more than the actual day! This is the girls Christmas Eve box and last advent book. I always make sure to save a story about Jesus to be our last book. We are celebrating Him after all!

 Inside the box was new Frozen pajamas, popcorn, and hot chocolate. They were pretty excited about the pajamas.
 After their bath, we enjoyed popcorn, hot chocolate and watched the movie Polar Express.
 We then made sure to leave out treats for Santa and his reindeer and the girls scurried off to bed.
 Santa came! I actually had to wake both girls up in the morning! They were excited when they finally remembered that it was Christmas!
 They rummaged through their stockings and opened presents from mom and dad. We then opened the gifts my sister had sent from Germany.
 They were excited to get a whole collection of bath goodies.
 Taelyn got a fun around the world game. 
 Hensley got a neat fishing game that is my nephew's favorite thing to play in his German preschool. It is a lot of fun!
 I got this neat carry all basket. It's super heavy duty and collapses for easy storage.
 She sent Aaron a while bunch of organic German goodies. We've been enjoying going tasting all the treats. She also sent him a gift card.
 After we were finished opening presents, we headed to my parents house. We skyped with my sister and then had a full English breakfast that was very yummy.
 My two other sisters came and we had a yummy dinner with ham and all the fixings. After dinner it was time to open more presents. 
 A few months ago we misplaced/lost/got stolen our kindle and they girls have been quite sad about it. Tae was excited that Gramma and Papa got her a kindle for Christmas!
 Hensley with her Diego movie.
 She also got a cool balance bike! We can't wait to try it out more when it warms up a bit.
 Good job daddy!
 My chef sister Lyn and her wife gave us some homemade goodies. The jar on the right is a mulled vodka drink, yum!
 My sister Les and her family gave us a Redbox giftcard along with this popcorn kit. The seasonings are all homemade and are delicious!
 The day after Christmas, Aaron's family came over to celebrate. I made homemade cinnamon rolls and egg cups for brunch. We had a great time.
 I scored a mess of good deals at Target's after Christmas clearance sale. Target is my favorite store ever!
 Taelyn also lost another tooth after Christmas! This was tooth number 6!
 We had our first "snow", although it ended up being mostly ice. The girls still insisted on going out and playing  in it.
 Tae got this tent for Christmas. We added pillows and blankets and the girls love going up there and reading and playing in it.
We spent the rest of Christmas weekend putting up all the Christmas decorations and cleaning/organizing all the Christmas goodies. We had such a great time with family and we know we are very blessed!

Countdown to Christmas Continued...

I forgot to add these cute pictures of our picnic at the zoo before Christmas. Looking at them makes me miss that mild weather since we have had snow and ice since then.

 We made these cute snowman footprint crafts. I thought they turned out super cute.
 I made these yummy cheese crackers. They were pretty easy to make and turned out really good.
 Look at this sweet innocent smile as she tries to steal my coffee.
 We had family night and I was main meal. I made veggie sushi and shrimp spring rolls. We also celebrated my sister Leslie's birthday. It was fun!
 My mom made these drinks. They were coffee ice cubes, vanilla vodka, and irish creme liquor. They were delish!
 My sushi. Yum!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Countdown to Christmas!

 We have been busy, busy getting ready for Christmas. This is one of my most favorite times of the year. I love all the time with family and the excitement my girls have.
We "adopted" a foster child for Christmas again this year. This year we got a 13 year old, so it was very different than our two babies we got last year. She wanted makeup, a movie, art supplies, and she loved horses. We got her a horse paint by number, makeup and nail stuff, the movie she wanted, and a few shirts. I hope she feels blessed this Christmas as well as the rest of the foster children in Oklahoma.
 We took a warm December trip to the zoo. We got to see the new baby zebra and he is so stinking cute!
 It was such a warm day that all the animals were out to play.
 I always love the elk. He looks so majestic out there with his antlers.
 We took another warm day and had a fun park trip. My sweet Tae bug is looking all grown up.
 This was a fun craft. We colored and made our nativity scene. We talked about the story of Jesus and also took the time to talk about refugees and the importance to love like Jesus. Everyone deserves to be loved like Jesus.
 We went and saw Santa. I love the progression of Hensley. She wasn't too thrilled and was giving a grumpy face in the beginning, but by the end she was talking to him and telling him what she wanted for Christmas.

 She even sat on his lap!

 We made these cute snowflake ballerinas and hung them up for decoration. 
 The girls and I have been dealing with an icky cold which means lots of laziness and cuddles.
 They had to try on daddy's work boots and stomp around.
 I just love this view <3
 The girls enjoyed licking the chocolate off the spoons when I made cookies for the cookie exchange.
 Chocolate pistachio thumbprint cookies and chocolate peppermint macaroons. Yum!

 Our cookie tray we brought home.
 Tae saved some of her allowance to buy her cousins Christmas gifts this year. We took a little mommy/daughter trip to go shopping.
 This was quite the undertaking. It didn't come with instructions and it was a little much for little hands, but we got it finished and the girls were excited it looked like Elsa's ice castle.
 And sometimes this is how you eat breakfast. On your rocking horse :)
The girls putting on a Christmas play for me. Silly girls.