Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Our new house!!!

We closed on our house you guys!!! Our closing was delayed 10 days due to the bank messing up some paperwork. When our Realtor realized how upset we were, she wrote up a contract to allow us to come in and paint the house like we had planned. Here are some before and after pictures of the work we did. We had a lot of help from my parents!

 Here's the front of the house before. It was pretty cute as is, but I wanted to add my personal touches and some color.
 This is what would be the girls' room. The sellers went with brown and orange for some reason. We let the girls pick out their own colors and they were so excited!

 We left the kitchen red, but Aaron didn't like the light finish on the wood floors. 
 This room is the school/play room. It was purple with a dark purple border all the way around.
This is the master. They had the walls a beige color which was also all down the hallway. They also had an orange accent wall. The sellers even painted the backs of the doors to match the rooms, so we had to paint all the doors too.
 Our first (of many) big purchases from Lowe's. 
 The girls were so excited to paint! They worked really hard and actually did a lot of painting. I'm sure their little arms were super tired at the end of the weekend :) We chose a nice gray color for the school/play room, hall, and the master. I love the look of the gray with the white trim.
 Hensley's favorite color is dark blue, so of course that's what she picked. Tae picked pink with glitter. We did two walls of each color. I thought their color choices really look great together.
 Hensley was zonked from painting! This is the living room. We left it the green color, I really like it!
 This is the school/play room looking out into the hall towards the master.
 The finished girls room, minus the white trim pieces we are doing in the corners.
 The finished master with fresh white paint on the closet doors.
 Finished school/play room.
 This is the hall from the master looking towards the front door. We also painted all the ceilings. They had a semi-gloss paint on them and we decided to do a flat white. They look so much better, it's amazing!
 Aaron worked super hard on the dining room floor. We had also planned to do the hall way since the whole house has the original hard wood, but we just didn't have the time. That will be another project for another day.
 The finished floor. We went with an ebony stain. It turned out great!
 Here's the finished front porch. We painted the trellises and the mailbox a peacock blue, We also painted the porch with an anti-skid porch paint in a gray color. We eventually want to add black shutters to either side of the windows.
 Here's our back yard and pool. We didn't do anything to it, but mow. 
Here's the fire pit. The girls are excited to roast marshmallows and hot dogs this weekend. We hope to have the pool up and running in a few weeks as well!

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