Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Settling in...

 We've been settling right in to our new house! We have the majority of our things unpacked. What's left remaining is all the junk ;) we don't know what to do with. The girls have been loving it. We started Hensley in her bed on the first night (she's been sleeping with us since she was born) and she did perfectly and slept through the night. She's been sleeping in her own bed every night since then!

 I'm loving my pantry space! In our apartment I only had a little spinning pantry with two shelves. This has been a lot better. I hung a fabric shoe rack on the door to keep snacks and other things in. In the bottom is where I keep the vacuum, broom, and swiffer along with my potatoes and onions.
 We've been eating every meal in the dining room. I've been loving this time we get to talk and listen to the girls. I know they will remember and cherish these family meals.
 This is the finished girls room. I love how it turned out and the girls love it too.
 We went to the annual Ostrich Egg breakfast at the zoo. We've gone every year with my parents since I was a little kid! The girls love it.
 We also helped celebrate my nephew for his 7th birthday. He got a bearded dragon and Hensley was in love with it :)
 On Mother's day, I got to sleep in while Aaron and the girls made breakfast. They made Williams Sonoma chocolate croissants, eggs, sausage, and of course coffee. We then had a relaxing day and then met my family at Coolgreens for dinner.
 The girls found the play dough while I was organizing our school closet, so they had a good old time playing with it while I worked.
 This side of the closet is our school stuff.
 And this side is arts and crafts.
I had to snap a picture of Hens after she finished eating some frozen blueberries.
 We had a fun play date with some of our homeschool friends. They have the Myriad Gardens set up like the Jungle book. It was a lot of fun.

 We've also been enjoying our fire pit. The weather has been a bit chilly, so we have been taking advantage of it! The girls love to roast marshmallows and hot dogs :)
 One of my birthday presents was a donut pan. I made these blueberry cake donuts with a lemon glaze the other day and they were fantastic! I think I will have a lot of fun with this new kitchen gadget!
 These girls are so silly!
This is the finished school/play room. It's messy, but hey that's what it's for, right?! The girls spend almost all their time playing in this room. It's a great space!

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