Friday, June 27, 2014

Frontier Order: June!

I got a lot of great stuff this month. I spent right at $50. This is way cheaper than if I would have bought this stuff from the store.

This month I got:

happy munchies and happy creamies (Hensley loves these things!)
Earth Friendly Products multi-purpose cleaner, hand soap, and hand soap refill (Lemongrass scent)
Ecos laundry soap
Seventh Generation toilet paper
Endangered Species bath crayons and paper set (Tae was excited about this little surprise!)
Kiss My Face deoderant
Rhino children's vitamins
Branam fluoride free toothpaste for kids
Aura Cacia plug in refill

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Birthday Picnic!

Hensley's actual birthday landed in the middle of the week and Aaron had to work, but since it was only 75 degrees outside we decided to have a nice picnic in the back yard. I made "butterfly" grilled cheese, broccoli, oranges, and whole wheat blueberry banana muffins for dessert. The girls had a lot of fun eating outside and then played with their water table for a bit. One of our sweet neighbors was outside doing some gardening and when Tae told him it was Hensley's birthday, he came over and planted two irises for Tae and Hensley! It was super sweet! Before we headed inside, we saw a frog that stopped by for a visit. Tae was so excited and Hensley chased it around for a while. Our neighbor picked it up and let the girls pet him (I was not brave enough to do so, haha!). It was a great way to celebrate Hensley turning one!

Had to capture my pretty summer toes :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hensley: 12 months!

Weight: At her last check up she was 23 lbs 8 oz and I think about 30 inches tall. We go again this week for her 12 month check up and will see if she's about the same.
Food: She still loves to eat, but it doesn't seem as exciting or new to her. She still likes pretty much anything except spicy food. I gave her some spicy sausage and then some spicy salsa the other day and she was mad, haha! She loves blueberries, grapes, oranges, yogurt, smoothies, pasta, popcorn and so much more!

Clothes: Still wearing 18 month and a few 24 month clothes. I love that it is warm now and it doesn't seem like she is freezing at night without pajamas. She is still not a huge fan of clothing, but she has gotten to were she will help you get her dressed by putting her arms through the holes. This makes things a bit easier.
Sleep: In the last month Hensley has pretty much cut out one of her naps. On the one or two nights she goes to my parent's house during the week she will take a short second nap, but other than that she just takes one at about 1:30 and sleep until 3:30 pm. She's been a little better about getting to bed a little earlier and is usually out by 10:30 pm. She wakes up anywhere from once all the way up to 4 times to nurse at night. I know we will have to night wean eventually, but right now I am just going with the flow. She usually wakes up between 9:30 and 10 am.
Movement: We have a full time walker people! She's been walking for a few weeks and has gotten really good. She hardly ever crawls anymore. She loves to walk around and carry things. She will pick up a random shoe, basket, or toy and carry it around.  It's really funny when she is trying to go fast....if she starts to loose her balance, she will squat down and then stand back up and go at it again. She also loves to climb. She can climb up on Tae's bed, the couch, the dishwasher, among other things. She has also learned to get off of things by either scooting off or turning around and sliding down. 
We were discarding this almost expired seat and she thought she'd test it out first!
Talking: Hensley says over 20 words now! She says mama, dada, kitty, meow, no, sissy, what, ow, whoa, more, snack, bye, hi, that, baby, ball, and uh-oh, bubbles, woof woof, and papa. She loves to get one of our phones and hold it up to her ear and have a whole conversation. It cracks us up!
Highlight: I think that walking is our biggest highlight this month. It is still so surprising to see her walk. She just seems too tiny to be doing that. She kind of has this sumo wrestler waddle and it is just too cute! Another great highlight would be celebrating her first birthday. Her party was so fun!
Taelyn: I think Tae is just as excited as I am that her sister is walking. She used to love walking her around the living room while holding onto her hands and will still try to do it if Hensley will let her. She had a lot of fun helping Hensley open up her birthday presents at her party and has been having a great time playing with them too!
Blessing: I am really truly blessed to have this healthy happy 1 year old. She has only been sick one time in her whole twelve months of life. I'm blessed to have such a great breastfeeding relationship with her and that I will continue for as long as her and I wish. I'm blessed to have a husband that supports me in all my crunchy ways and is always on board with whatever I come up with. Finally, I am blessed to have a 5 year old daughter who is wise beyond her years and who has the kindest most sincere heart and is so very helpful. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Frontier Order: May!

I forgot to post this back when the order came in and since then I have lost my paper with the prices on it. I think I only spend about $17 or so this go around. This is what I got:

Happy Munchies Cheddar Broccoli puffs
Happy Puffs Strawberry
Yum Earth Organic gummy bears
Yum Earth Organic fruit snacks
Yum Earth Organic sour beans
Organic ground pepper
Simply Organic powder ranch dressing mix
Simply Organic fish taco seasoning

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hensley's Shabby Chic 1st Birthday!

I wouldn't say that I LOVE planning birthday parties, but I am pretty picky when it comes to how they are decorated ;) I don't like the traditional licensed character themes, but would rather come up with something unique. Even now that Tae is old enough to request her favorite character parties, I still try to make it unique by handmaking the decorations and not buying into the licensed stuff. When it came time to plan Hensley's birthday, I wanted something vintage and lovely. I searched on Pinterest and it seemed the "shabby chic" theme stood out to me the most. It fit Hensley. There weren't a whole of lot of ideas for birthday's, but there were a lot for weddings. I enlisted my sister's help since she owns a fancy cutting machine and we hit the road running. I decided to use the colors turquoise, pink, and gold. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought everything that fit the theme.

 My mom made these beautiful cakes...didn't they turn out lovely?! I again searched Pinterest for cake ideas and we merged a few ideas together and this is what we came up with. I made the pennant cake topper out of leftover paper from the decorations. The cake was chocolate with strawberry filling and buttercream icing. Not only did it look pretty, but it tasted great too!

 These photos represent every month since Hensley was born. I printed out the photos and my sister cut the paper. I attached them to twine by clothespins. This was a super easy project and I think it turned out so great!

These are the favors the kiddos got. They included bubbles, chalk, and rock candy. My sister cut these sweet tags and I attached them with clothespins. I found the favor boxes in the dollar bins at Target!
I had these cookies made by a local baker, Sooner Sugar. Christy worked hard to get exactly what I wanted. There were a few last minute changes, but she did her best to make things work!
 I got this lace burlap and the craft store and hot glued it around mason jars for the drinks. I also thought these stripped straws matched the theme.
 We had a lot of great snacks! We had chips with guacamole and salsa, fruit, crackers and "ants on a log".
 For drinks I mixed organic lemonade with sparkling berry water and we also had tea. The punch was so good and looked pretty in my mom's dispenser!
 I wanted to have favors for the adults and the older kids so I made a homemade kettle corn. I used this recipe.

It was hard to get this banner into a picture, but it says "hensley is 1". I bought the pre-made pennant banner at the craft store and just attached cut out craft paper and cut out letters with glue dots. I think it turned out beautiful!

Of course I couldn't forget to add pictures of Hensley digging into her cake. We practiced singing "happy birthday" and blowing out candles. She got to the point where she would blow whenever we sang the song. Well, the time came to do her cake and she blew out her own candle! She thoroughly enjoyed getting messy with her cake. I don't think she ate too much of it, but she did get messy!